Third Grade

Third grade is an important year in your child’s academic growth. It is a time for learning responsibility, independence, and academic perseverance. The third grade team is committed to helping each child reach his/her full potential this year. We also recognize the importance of helping children value and enjoy learning while creating happy school memories. Some of the fun things that we look forward to each year are a field trip to Joe Budd Environmental Center, celebrating map skills through Pirate Day, and a celebration of North American regions and cultures on “Cruising around North America Day”.

In reading, students are expected to make a huge growth in their fluency and understanding. Reading is seen as a tool for learning rather than the object of the learning itself. At this stage, children should be able to read a variety of book genres and employ a number of strategies to enhance their reading comprehension. In Math, we learn multiplication and division concepts, number sense, fractions, geometry, measurement, and time.

Third graders develop their skills in writing, revising, and editing. They will write narrative, expository, and persuasive essays. Grammar and spelling instruction will support and improve their writing. Social Studies includes the study of economics, regions and cultures in the U.S. and North America, government, and map skills. Science instruction is inquiry based and focuses on application of concepts. We explore the scientific process, forms of energy, properties of matter, classifying plants and animals, and Earth in space and time.

Third grade is a wonderful time. Right in the middle of elementary school, third graders possess a unique mix of both ability and wonder. We look forward to having a terrific year.

Field Trips & Events:

Pirate Day - October 31, 2014
Field Trip to Joe Budd - November 19, 2014
Field Trip to Joe Budd - November 20, 2014
Field Trip to Joe Budd - November 21, 2014
Music Program - November 13, 2014 - 6:30pm

Mrs. Lindsey Belobraydic
Mrs. Tracy Chisler
Ms. Anitra Ford
Mrs. Gwen Hall
Mrs. Danielle Kagy
Ms. Danielle Page
Mrs. Andrea Reinfeld
Mrs. Joyce Samere

Third Grade Promotion Brochure 2013-2014